Why is dED needed?

War is often triggered by the military industrial complex which enables arms dealer to profit from breaches in human rights law & war crimes. The war economy means there is a constant demand for an industry like arms manufacturing and therefore weapons are pushed into conflict zones. Militarism is also one of the single biggest contributors to climate change.

420 million children are forced to grow up in the midst of armed conflict with wars sabotaging the growth of future generations.

The UK and others continue to subsidise military innovation and research within our universities lacing our education systems with blood money. Innovations developed within our universities are being awarded to companies that can sell these products to anyone they please with no consideration of the students, institutions ethical policy or the impact these goods have on people living in war zones.

Research partnerships with arms companies mean that even at the point of discovery innovation is controlled by players that do not align themselves with the same ethical and sustainability principles. This issue needs to be stopped at the root of the problem. Ceasing partnerships with arms companies would improve opportunities for sustainable companies and students wishing to pursue careers in sustainability.

Divestment campaigns both environmental and military are increasing all across the country with public engagement in both climate change and war & conflict, as people are becoming more aware and engaged in these matters. However, after years of campaign for divestment, the University of Manchester and other universities are yet to divest.

Our education needs to set a precedent for young people around the world & cease their partnership with companies profiting & upholding war. The PP4D will help break the myth that military innovation is an essential part of economic innovation & advance systematic peace education benefiting universities, students & therefore wider society. Our impact will be measurable by whether divestment happens within universities & whether students are provided more opportunity for innovation within sustainable industries.

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