dED who?!


World peace! Who doesn’t want it!?


dED is on a mission to bring young people together to use research, media, creative collaboration and technology to support peace.


1. Build community aka ‘The Peace Force’

2. Build research around university involvement and divestment from the global arms trade.

3. Create accessible media which will help bring new faces into demilitarisation discussions.

4. Use technology to help unite peace groups and workers 


“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding.”


― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Violent acts should never be committed under the name of dED.


Transparency & accountability are tools of progression.

Actions that affect the greater public need to be accounted for and used to step forward. 

No Blaming.

Those with a greater influence to impact people and the planet should be held accountable when in breach of their obligations but to move forward we must acknowledge that the system we live in often encourages individual wrongdoing, therefore rather than individual blame we must first look at the greater system to make change.  

Cooperation over competition.

Yeah yeah we know competition is a useful capitalist tool for pushing product quality, and while we strive for quality, price competition often undermines sustainable developments. That is why we believe mission focused collaboration can make organisations more resourceful, efficient and essentially save organisations money.

Learn from history

Too many times history has repeated itself. The world now needs to update our education, systems and be ready to continuing developing for improvement. We are open to admit our mistakes and use them to improve…we are all human after all.

We are Global Citizens.

We all benefit from a globalised economy. We communicate and share with people from all stretches of the world everyday with ease. We are all human beings and we must all be equal. 



Demilitarise Education was born when students from The University of Manchester (UoM) discovered just how involved their university is with the global arms trade. Students from Campaign Against Arms Trade and Boycott Divestment and Sanctions  societies came together to expose just how ‘Entangled’ our university is with the Israeli arms trade. But it isn’t just Israel UoM holds research and investment ties to, or just the university of Manchester. Universities across the country are supporting numerous companies who supply and benefit from some of the worlds most aggressive military regimes. University management fail to consider that their involvement in the arms trade is a breach of their ethical policy which “seeks to eliminate armament of military regimes’.


Our educational institutions should not be a place where war mongers can develop technologies and use student labour to progress in the market.


This is why students across the country are coming together to ask their universities to end their involvement in the International Arms Trade.

dED was born after identifying the need for a place for young people to use different methods to oppose the arms trade and work for peace.